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Kantipur Conclave 2020

Session - प्रचण्डसँग परिसंवाद
Session- हात्ती, ड्रयागन र तरुलः बद्लिदो भू–राजनीतिमा नेपालको प्राथमिकता
Session- नेपाल अगाडि कि पछाडि ?
Session- नेपालको 'मी टू' किन अगाडि बढ्न सकेन?
Session - Connecting Global Nepalis
Session - Bridging through Literature and Arts
Session - Mitigating Climate Change- The Big Connector
Session - The Future of Digital World
Keynote Speech by Mr. Hussain M Elius
Key Session: Lessons from The East
Keynote Speeches
A brief look at the first edition of Kantipur Conclave last year.
Kantipur Conclave 2020 Promo