Kantipur Conclave is a two-day event aimed at engaging participants through constructive discourses as well as interaction with experts at individual level. Along with a dynamic and informative content from speakers, the conclave will also reveal valuable insights from stimulating dialogues between speakers and participants.
Kantipur Conclave is being held on February 7&8, 2020.
You can be a part of Kantipur Conclave by :
  1. Participating as an audience
  2. Partnering with the organizer for the event
  3. Becoming a panelist in upcoming conclaves

Participation via registration

Go to http://kantipurconclave.com/register and fill up the form.

Step 1. Kindly fill all your details in the form. Once you submit this form, a unique user code will be generated. Use this code to identify yourself in future processes.

Step 2. You have to select the payment options (one of the below):

  • Scan the QR code and pay (with fonepay/ eSewa)
  • Deposit the registration fee at Siddhartha Bank: A/C No: 00106166620
  • Submit Cash/ Cheque by visiting our office at Central Business Park, Thapathali, Kathmandu

Step 3. Verify the payment by (one of the below):

  • Entering your Transaction Code received by QR payment
  • Uploading the Bank Deposit Slip as image file
  • Visiting our office at Central Business Park, Thapathali, to submit registration fee and present your unique user code to identify yourself

Once the payment is verified and approved, you will receive an email confirming your registration for the event.